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Alice Alice Alice
Alice Alice
Alice Alice

At last you finally found me! Iím Alice and when you call me get ready for a Wild ride to Wonderland. You will be captivated by my beauty, drawn to my sensual curves, mesmerized by my eyes, your breath will be stolen from your body by the sight of my perfect, mature breasts and my pouty, full, luscious lips. Those Lips you crave to kiss! Now you must call Mama Alice and confess all your sins to me, what brings you here my pet? We both know itís not just your horny cock and swollen balls. Thereís more, so much more! What women in your life as brought you to me, was it your sexy Aunty, your powerful Domineering School Counselor, your Fucked Up noisy neighbor, maybe it was the guilt-instilling Sunday School Teacher or better yet, your best Friendís Naughty Mom? I can be anything your Little Nasty mind wants. I will be your Gorgeous, shapely, big-areola, soothing, loving, teasing, perfect Phone Pleaser Mommy! Cum tell Mama Alice all about it! I will understand, sweetie. You see, I have sons of my own, they have cousins, they have friends, their friends have cousins, friends, and fathers and, the list is endless! The list is still building. Iíve heard it all and I will love every min. of our conversations. My diary is swollen with entries and an occasional drip of Cum-Stain that escaped my mouth as I was writing my Wonderland adventures down! Yes I do adore Training and Draining young boys, but I also enjoy having an experienced and very nasty, filthy-talking and pussy-pounding older man with a huge Cock! One look at me in all my elegance, grace and beauty and you will be truly under my spell as we frolic through Wonderland together! I know, baby, your groin is aching for Mama Alice, Cum tell me everything, hold nothing back because I have no Taboos. Thatís right, Iím open too and for anything! Honey, pick up your phone now and, call me.

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